Friday, March 18, 2005

Free Slipper Pattern

Simple Slippers

Note: When I first started knitting, I found this pattern that someone had written up long ago on a type writer. There was no name on it, so I have no idea of the source of this pattern. I did not write it, but I fell in love with this pattern because it perfect for beginners.

1 4 ounce skein of worsted weight yarn (You can make about 2 pairs from one skein)
US Size 7 Knitting Needles
Darning Needle

Gauge: 9 stitches = 2 inches; 6 rows=1 inch

Be sure to check your gauge!

Cast on 31 stitches

Work In Garter Stitch for 5 inches.

After reaching the 5 inch mark, start ribbing.

Ribbing Row 1: K1 * P1, K1; repeat from * to end.
Ribbing Row 2: P1 * K1, P1; repeat from * to end.

Repeat these two rows until piece measures one inch less than length of your foot.

Last row: *K2 tog; repeat form * across row, ending K1.

Finishing: Cut yarn leaving 20 inch tail. Thread yarn needle with the yarn end and pass through the stitches on the knitting needle. Pull stitches up tightly and fasten yarn end securely. Using cast off tail sew up the slipper until you get to the end of the ribbing. Secure end. Using cast on tail sew up heel seam, be sure to leave opening for foot :)

Make 2. If you wish create a pom pom to attach to each slipper at edge of ribbing.