Monday, July 04, 2005

Vacuum Scarf (Free Pattern!)

Vacuum Scarf

Well, this scarf definitely has an interesting name. It all started when my mother went garage saleing and came back with a box of novelty yarn for me.

There was one skein of Bernat Galaxy Nouveau. Now what can you do with one skein of novelty yarn? Make another scarf of course. I grabbed the only pair of knitting needles I had in the car and started swatching. Once back at work with my mom, Dad came in the room. I asked him how he liked my new yarn. He told me that it looked like the stuff you pull out of the bottom of the vacuum when it gets messed up. We all started laughing after that. So, that’s how this scarf has become known as the “Vacuum Scarf.”


1 skein Bernat Galaxy Nouveau (I used color 53330) Each skein is 50 grams or 1.75 ounces.
1 pair US No. 10 needles


Cast on 13 Inches

Knit Every Row until you reach desired length or you run out of yarn.

Bind Off

The great thing about this yarn is that you can’t even tell it’s just plain garter stitch.

Variation: For a stretchy, skinny scarf: Instead of garter stitch work a k1 p1 rib.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I love your pattern! Thanks for posting it. I am going to show this to my son--he will love the story (he's six and he likes vacuum cleaners). You have a really nice blog. You sound like a very nice young lady, and I hope you keep knitting!

Anonymous said...

LOL the stuff out of the vaccum thats awesome. thats a very cute scarf

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I was surfing through sites related to knitting, and stumbled upon your blog. I've been enjoying reading your thoughts and saving your knitting patterns. Your parents should be extremely proud of such a talented young lady who expresses herself so maturely. I am planning to use your rose pattern as an addition to a hat that I have just completed for my daughter (gave it to her for the holiday, will have to retrieve it to add the Hope you and your entire family are having a peaceful, healthy and happy holiday season. I will be back to read updates on your blog pages.

Stepahnie said...

I have a scarf someone made me in the exact same yarn!! I love it it's one of my favorite scarves!!